An Introduction to My Favorite Threads

I am so glad to offer a fully kitted option for most of my designs to make starting your project as easy as possible. I think this is a great way to introduce a new stitcher to the hobby, help you build your confidence with stitching, or just make needlepoint more convenient. 

I also love using different threads for different effects on canvases. This is a great way to make your projects more personal. Below I have listed some of the threads I like to work with and I’m always inspired by seeing how you all stitch the designs for yourself. Please keep tagging me on Instagram and TikTok @cocofrankstudio so I can see your creativity!

Silk & Ivory

Pictured: Silk & Ivory

Classic options:

Perfect for any project, these are great foundational fibers to use again and again.
  • Silk and Ivory: A 50/50 silk and wool blend, this is my favorite for stitching on 13 mesh. The colors are beautiful and the thread is so soft and a dream to work with.
  • Pepper Pot Silk: This is a versatile thread that can be used on 18 mesh or 13 mesh. I prefer to use it on 18 mesh, the colors are vibrant and even come in some variegated shades that are great on sky, grass, and fur. I love using these for the Playing Card series.
  • Vineyard Merino Wool: My favorite wool, this is one of the more durable threads if you’re stitching something that will get wear and tear, such as a keychain or belt.
  • Essentials: I love using Essentials on 18 mesh projects! Essentials comes on cards with 10 yards of thread, so this is a great option for travel rounds where you may not need an entire skein of one color. (They also make 30 yard skeins now for bigger projects.)
  • DMC Cotton: A more economical option, this thread comes in different sizes for 13 and 18 mesh. It’s also perfect for making custom cording on ornaments if you’re trying out self finishing.

Ireland RainbowPictured: Silk Lamé Braid in tent stitches on rainbow; Kreinik in French knots for stars

Metallic options:

Perfect for adding shimmer and shine to projects.

  • Silk Lamé Braid: Made in multiple sizes, this is a great metallic to start with if you’re a beginner. It comes in many different colors and I often use it on canvases for water, stars, or architectural accents.
  • Fyre Werks: A bolder metallic, this ribbon-like thread can really pack a punch! I used it on my Hot Air Balloon canvas to make the initials and date pop. 
  • Kreinik: A braided metallic option that comes on a spool, there are different thicknesses available to achieve the look you want. I like using gold Kreinik on my playing cards.
  • Fuzzy Stuff: A metallic fuzzy thread, this makes the perfect fur on all my dog canvases. I recommend doubling up the thread for 18 mesh for full coverage.

Pictured: Straw Silk in long stitches for the goose nest; Silk & Ivory in tent stitches

Specialty options:

Perfect for certain decorative stitches or techniques to achieve specific effects.

  • Treenway silk ribbon: A personal favorite, I use these to make ribbon flowers on my Cupid, Love Bug series, and Paris round. I’ve got a tutorial here on creating ribbon flowers, but it’s also beautiful to use for French knots. If you are looking to purchase these beautiful ribbons, Novella Needlepoint has a wonderful selection.
  • Straw silk: This thread gives a perfect organic look and texture that is so unique. I used it on my stocking for the goose nest using long stitches.
  • Bella Lusso wool: A strandable wool that is great for shading. Use two strands on 18 mesh and three strands on 13 mesh in smaller areas.
  • Eyelash: A fluffy option I used on my swan and turtle dove wings on my stocking. This is a great option for some fuzzy texture without being metallic. I recommend doubling the thread to get a fuller look.
  • Frosty Rays: A thread with some sheen that is perfect for voluminous ruching in your canvas. I have a tutorial here where I stitched pieces for my daughter’s nursery.

TreenwayPictured: Treenway Silks, stitched in French knots for flowers

There are so many other threads on the market and I’m always eager to try new things. I find that some threads work better for me than others, but that doesn’t mean you might not enjoy them! What are your favorite threads to work with?

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