Mini Stitch Guide: Travel Rounds

Below, you will find the threads and stitches I used to stitch the Travel Rounds. I used a variety of fibers because it's fun to play around with the colors offered by different lines. I used some of the same colors for all five rounds, which makes it nice to buy cards and skeins to use for more than one canvas.

Below, you will find links to download the mini stitch guides for each canvas.

Happy stitching!

Ireland Mini Stitch Guide

Ireland Round

Florence Mini Stitch Guide

Download Florence Round Mini Stitch Guide

Florence Round

Boston Mini Stitch Guide

Download Boston Round Mini Stitch Guide

Boston Round

 Paris Round Fiber Recs

Paris Stitch Recommendations

Download Paris Round Mini Stitch Guide

Paris Round

Charleston Round Fiber Recommendations

Charleston Round Stitch Recommendations

Download Charleston Round Mini Stitch Guide

Charleston Round

DC Fiber Recs

DC Round Stitch Recommendations

Download DC Round Mini Stitch Guide

London Round Fiber Recommendations
London Round Stitch Recommendations

Download London Round Mini Stitch Guide

NYC Round Fiber Recommendations
NYC Round Stitch Recommendations

Download NYC Round Mini Stitch Guide

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