Mini Stitch Guide: Pumpkins

Below, you will find the threads and stitches I used to stitch the Pumpkins canvas. The canvas is painted on 18 mesh, so I recommend using my favorite fiber to stitch on 18 mesh - Pepper Pot Silk. 

The canvas is ornament size, so you don't need a ton of fiber. One skein of each color will be more than enough. I love these colors and am excited to add the extra fiber to my stash!

Fiber Recommendations:

Pepper Pot Silk
Salt 002
Nectar 030
Tangerine 031
Orange 033
Strawberry Frappe 014
Pink Lemonade 013
Watermelon 026
Olive 095

Stitch Recommendations: 

Diagonal Scotch
Alternating Double Nobuko

Stems & Outline of Pumpkins
Tent stitches: Mix of Continental and Half-Cross

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