Mini Stitch Guide: 12 Days Stocking

12 Days Stocking

A stocking is one of the most sentimental projects you can stitch. They are a focal point of the holiday season, considered family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation. When designing this large project, I didn't want it to be boring - I wanted to make sure it would be enjoyable to stitch from start to finish. You will notice that this project requires minimal background stitching, lots of fun colors, and plenty of opportunity for decorative stitches. AND it's on 13 mesh, meaning the holes on the canvas are bigger and it is quicker to stitch.

The fibers listed below are in the same color palette I used for the other pieces of my holiday collection, so everything looks cohesive when it comes time to decorate for the holidays :) 

Fiber List

Silk & Ivory

002 White - Background; Drum; Cow; French Hen; Goose
009 Zucchini - Turtle Dove
032 True Blue - Calling Bird; Lord; Swan
036 Admiral Blue - Calling Bird
040 Caviar - Cow; French Hen; Goose; Lord; Swan
061 Split Pea - Cuff Border
079 Cameo - Ballerina; Goose; Lord
082 Pumpkin - Swan
083 Artichoke - Turtle Dove; Pear
089 Latte - Drum; Cow; Ballerina; Pear; Goose; Lord
093 Red Hot - Drum; Horn; French Hen; Goose; Holly
107 Dill Pickle - Pear; Holly
122 Clay - Drum; Cow; Ballerina
202 Tiger - French Hen
213 Banana - Turtle Dove; Pear; Goose; Calling Bird
217 Pewter - Turtle Dove; French Hen; Swan
218 Smoky Quartz - Music Notes; French Hen
233 Bellini - Cow; Ballerina; Bow; Lord
234 Mimosa - Cow; Ballerina; Pear; Bow

Fyre Works

FT1 - Horn
FT21 - Drum; Horn; Ring
FT96 - Ring

Fuzzy Stuff

FZ15 - Turtle Dove; Swan

Kreinik #16 Braid

002 - Gold Dots

Silk Road Fibers Straw Silk

Amber Waves 0310 - Nest

Rainbow Eyelash

RE02 - Turtle Dove; Swan


Dots - French Knots

Cuff - Diagonal Mosaic

Drum - Brick Stitch

Turtle Dove - Diagonal Mosaic

Ballerina - Cashmere (skirt); Long & Short Stitch (hair)

French Hen - French Knots

Pear - Alternating Continenta; (body); Diagonal Mosaic (leaves); Cross Stitch (bottom stem)

Goose Nest - Long & Short Stitch

Lord A-Leaping - Reverse Basketweave

Swan - Turkey Work

French Hen - French Knots

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