Mini Stitch Guide: Cupid

Below, you will find the threads and stitches I used to stitch the Cupid canvas. I used a variety of fibers because it's fun to play around with the colors offered by different lines. I made messy french knots with silk ribbon, using 1-3 wraps around the needle per flower, in order to get a nice variety of volume and shapes for the flowers. Shout out to Faison of Novella Needlepoint for the stitch inspiration! I had so much fun picking out the Treenway silk ribbons with her - Novella Needlepoint carries a ton of Treenway silk colors.

Below, you will find links to download the mini stitch guides for each canvas. 

Happy stitching!

Cupid Canvas

Cupid Fibers

Cupid Fiber Recs

Stitch Recs

Download Cupid Mini Stitch Guide

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