Fiber Recommendations: Queen of Hearts

Below, you will find the threads I used to stitch the Queen of Hearts canvas. The canvas is painted on 18 mesh, so I recommend using my favorite fiber to stitch on 18 mesh - Pepper Pot Silk. For added sparkle, I love using gold kreinik to make the canvas pop!

The canvas is ornament size, so you don't need a ton of fiber. One skein of each color will be more than enough.

Fiber Recommendations:

Pepper Pot Silk

Cream 003

Peppermint 015

Pink Lemonade 013

Chili 017

Kreinik #12 Braid

Aztec Gold 202HL


Stitch Recommendations:

Tent Stitches

White border, hearts & larger areas of pink: Basketweave

Everywhere else: Mostly continental, but Half-Cross when needed

Learn How to Tent Stitch Here

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