Fiber Recommendations: Fruits & Flowers

Below, you will find the threads you will need for the Fruits & Flowers canvas. The canvas is painted on 13 mesh, so I recommend using Silk & Ivory fibers, which are included in our kits. 

Silk & Ivory comes in one size (a 28-yard skein) - most colors below do not require a whole skein for this project. If you want just enough fiber to stitch this canvas, I recommend buying our Fruits & Flowers Kit. Otherwise, it's always nice to have some leftover fiber for future canvases!


Fiber Recommendations:

Each color requires 1 skein unless otherwise noted
Silk & Ivory
Pear 158 (3 skeins)
Periwinkle 140
Thistle 139
Marmalade 216
Rose Marie 160
Rosie O'Grady 162
Big Canary 156
Scrambled Eggs 166
Mud Puddle 154
Mimosa 234
Bellini 233
Pomegranate 97
Bordeaux 43
White 02

Stitch Recommendations:

Tent Stitches
Pale green background: Basketweave
Motif: Mostly continental, but Half-Cross when needed

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