Fiber Recommendations: Abstract Neutral

Below, you will find the threads I used to stitch the Abstract Neutral canvas. The canvas is painted on 13 mesh and I stitched it with Silk & Ivory. Silk & Ivory is fluffy and stitches very smooth - it is one of my favorite fibers! This is a simple design on 13 mesh, making it a great canvas for beginners and experts alike.

To learn how to self finish your canvas with this Amazon acrylic clutch, check out NashvilleNeedlepointer's awesome tutorial.


Fiber Recommendations:

Silk & Ivory
White 02 (1 skein)
Bisque 80  (1 skein)
Cinnamon 59  (1 skein)
Cafe Au Lait 131  (2 skeins)
Stitch Recommendations:

Tent Stitches
Continental & Basketweave

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